Greetings, Stranger. Please do not be afraid. You've stumbled into a unique world — we call her Ora. Though she will be resistant to you, in time you will find she shall welcome you lovingly, as we are all her children.

OBS̶C̵URA is a dark and unique high-fantasy animal role-playing game where your character has been pulled into the world of Ora through a rift. This tear could have manifested as anything from a blinding snow storm to an intruiging nightmare, from an innocent wrong turn to their death in their home world. But in Ora, it was a door that pulled them through... as though they were needed.

In Ora your character can experience unique flora, strange quests, and an ever-changing world that you and your character shape. Your character might unlock newfound magic abilities or ones lost when they passed into Ora as they explore worlds they've only ever dreamed of.


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